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Pátek, 22 leden 2021
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Sunstone gold




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Sunstone orange


The largest offer is in garnet's group. We offer quality and permanent quantity supply.

1. For faceting

1.1 alluvial

  • almandines: size (mm): 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-8, +8; color: dark red, standart, light red, pink
  • pyropes: size and color similar

1.2 primary

  • almandines: size: 0,5-1, 1-2, 2-4, 4-8, +8g; thickness (mm): 4-6, 6-8, +8; barva: color: similar like alluvial
  • in limited quantity are offered not common garnets, for example spessartine, umbalite, hessonite, color change garnets, rodolite etc.

2. For other purposes

  • garnets for other purposes (esotheric, mandals) are available in rough or tumbled shape in the scale like faceting ones plus tsavorite reject.

Except above menshened stones for faceting and other use we offer:

  • topaz: transparent, blue and pink color
  • adulare:in modification of sunstone, moonstone and other colour variaces
  • chrysopras:in different colors, sizes and thickness
  • lapis lazuli
  • peridot

Futher more in quartz variaties we offer:

  • ametysts
  • citrins
  • smoke quartz
  • rutilizd quartz
  • green quartz etc.

In limited quantities and personnal selection we supply:

  • aquamarines
  • spinels (in pastel colors)
  • turmalines
  • scapolite
  • chrysoberyls
  • zircons
  • small size saphires
  • opalites etc.

Mostly are offerd in faceting quality as well.

In lower quality we offer as well:

  • saphires
  • ruby
  • different quartzs
  • garnets
  • disthen
  • aquamarines
  • topaz

Garnets, chrysopras, aquamarin, peridot, adulars are availailable tumbled as well

All above menshened stones are of East Africa, Himalaya and South America origin. From these areas we offer many minerals specimens as well.

The stone offer is permanently actualized, so what is not available now, you can get shortly. The list of contacts you can find HERE.


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